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9 West 54th St

9 West 54th Street is a palatial five-story private mansion located just off Fifth Avenue, across from the famed MOMA. 

International brokerage firm Newmark tapped Metaform+ to create impactful visuals showcasing the residence’s grandeur and highlighting the proximity of the home to the MOMA. 

Exterior renderings used light and shadow to make the neo-Georgian building stand out among its neighbors, and camera angles allowed the team to develop a view showcasing the home’s location directly across from the MOMA. Floor plans used clean lines and a soft palette to contrast the grand, sprawling layouts. Metaform+ created an architectural illustration as an elevation stack for the building and a brand icon throughout the marketing materials, while a 3D axonometric showed the interior flow of the home. The team also developed a custom location map, which showcased the finest points of interest surrounding the home.

What We Did

3D Renderings
Illustrated Maps
Marketing Floorplans
9 west location map by meta form
9 west building drawing by meta form
MoMa 3d render by meta form