We’re not a classic cgi or archviz studio. 

A unique hybrid of young, multi-talented artists and visual storytellers, our family is more than just renderers and classic designers. 

In fact, to us,it’s more than just the visuals. 

At Metaform+, we’re all about creating holistic brand experiences for our clients. 

With our own secret formula, we treat every project as a unique blank canvas, with its own identity, voice, and vision.

As a full-service visualization studio at the cutting edge of technology, we won’t only make your architectural design look great, but feel great.

Our Mission


  • To give our clients memorable brand experiences with the latest visualization technology
  •  To give our clients holistic brand experiences, powered by storytelling and driven by the latest visualization technology.
  •  To create powerful brand emotional connections for our clients of the best quality and latest visualization technology

Our Vision


We want to be positioned as a global authority in the digital marketing and graphic design industries, while consistently generating outstanding results and compelling brand narratives for our wide portfolio of existing clients in the real estate development industry, with the primary goal of acquiring and retaining more quality clients in this industry and related industries at scale.

Our Team


We’re a rich blend of young multi-talented visual storytellers, with a deep passion for creating visually compelling stories and holistic spatial experiences, taking architecture to the next level. From illustrators to industrial designers, architects, CGI and post-production artists, our team is ready to recreate and promote your brand´s vision to your clients and the world.  

Santiago Felippelli Conway

CEO & Founder / Global

Maggie Sander

VP, Client Services and Business Development / Global

Natalia Riveros

Chief Opperations Officer

Moira Triveri

Director of Account Services

Catalina Reina L.


Oscar Pastor

Art Director

Federico Francia

Film Creative Director

Elena Gallacher

Architect, Project Manager Sr.

Fernando López

Architect, 3D Artist

Tomás Cundins

Architect, 3D Artist

Bárbara Sánchez

Architect, Illustrator

Tomás Chapot

Architect, Illustrator

Andrea Hattori

Post Production Artist

Claudio Carlego

Post Production Artist

Martín De Marco

Video Editor

Alejo Rossi

Editor , Animator

Our Clients